Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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City Ordinance Videos


The Scoop On FWACC                              

Dog Bites 00:29:05 

State and Local Cruelty Laws 00:30:00  
Education Aids in Fight Against Animal Neglect
Pet Adoption Initiatives with Lindsay Pease, Adoption Supervisor 00:28:00


Videos explaining various aspects of the City of Fort Wayne, Animal Care Ordinance.
Click any link below to see videos and to scroll through our playlist.

barking-dog_thumb     camen_thumb     chained_thumb     biting terrier thumb

Barking Dogs                    Wild & Exotic Animals          Tethering Dog Law          Dog Bite Prevention

potential_dang_thumb     report_cruelty_thumb     Walking-Park_thumb     gavel thumb
Potentially Dangerous        Report Cruelty                   Dogs in City Parks                   Avoid Court


Lost Pet Prevention



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