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City Pet Registrations

City Pet Registrations


Our Mission: Guided by the humane ethic and livability interests within our neighborhoods, the mission of Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is to ensure public health and safety as well as prevent pet overpopulation, animal neglect, and animal cruelty through education, rescue, and law enforcement.
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What Is Required? City dogs and cats must be registered with Animal Care & Control by the time they are five months old. Registrations can be obtained through the shelter, local veterinary clinics, and H.O.P.E. for Animals. A registration tag will be issued and should be attached to your pet's collar for quick identification should your pet ever become lost. All dogs and cats must be registered or the owner will be issued a citation. Owners may choose between lifetime and annual registration.


Lifetime Pet Registration: $30 per animal

Pet owners may choose a lifetime pet registration available for dogs and cats once the animal has been microchipped by a veterinarian and altered. It is the only registration your pet will need.

  • Lifetime pet registration fee: $30.
  • Lifetime pet registration for senior citizen (age 62+) with altered/microchipped pet: $5.

Annual Dog and Cat Registration

  • Annual registration for spayed/neutered pet: $5 per animal per year.

  • Annual registration for senior citizen (age 62 +) with altered pet: FREE.

  • Annual registration for unaltered cat or dog: $100 per animal per year.

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