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No Sew Fleece Kitty Blanket

No Sew Fleece Kitty Blanket


We use donated NO SEW BLANKETS for kitty bedding here at
Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control and at our
off-site Kitten Adoption Centers!

(pdf Click here for printable instructions )


Scissors: sharp sewing or craft scissors to cut the fleece

Ruler: even a little 6-inch ruler is fine to mark the "cut-to" line on the fleece.

Tape: narrow, light-adhesive tape works well. Use inexpensive tape that doesn't have much stick, so you can easily remove it when you've finished tying the no-sew blanket.

Fabric: you'll need two pieces of fleece the same size to make each no-sew blanket. For kitty blankets start with an 18-inch or 24-inch square. Kitties don't care about the colors or prints, although animal prints look really cute!  You can use two different colors or prints, or even the same fabric for the front and the back. Fleece usually comes in 60-inch wide rolls.  Instructions:

Begin by laying out your two fabric pieces on a table or clean floor. The bottom piece  should have the “good” side facing down, while the top piece should have the “good” side facing up. (The two “wrong” sides will be against each other in the middle.)

Stick a piece of masking tape 4 inches in from each edge of the blanket. This will be your “cut-to” line. Each corner will end up with a square where the tape crosses. Cut that square out (through BOTH layers of fleece) and discard it. (Or save the squares and use them for kitty catnip toys. Fill the squares with cotton and catnip and sew shut.)

Now, with the no-sew blanket still laying out flat, start cutting the fringe around the edges. Cuts should be 1 inch wide and cut up to the tape line. You don't have to be exact! No stress, just be as consistent as you can. Cut all the way around all four sides of your no-sew blanket.

Next, starting at one corner of the no-sew blanket, gently lift the first set of fringe (you should be holding one of each color.) Tie together.  Once you have all the tying completed on your no-sew blanket, peel the tape guide-lines off of the fleece.


You're finished!  Wasn't that easy?
Our cats thank you for your hard work and for donating a cozy, soft bed for them to sleep on!


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