Friday, October 21, 2016

Leaf Collection

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Neighborhood Leaf Pick-Up Program 2016

 The Street Department crews are finished picking up leaves in their SOUTH section of the City but will continue to go through their SOUTH sections and the streets listed below.

On Friday, October 21st:

Crew One:  Lower Huntington Road, Kyle Road, Bluffton Rd., Engle Rd., Ardmore Avenue and Sandpoint Rd.

Crew Two:  Calhoun St., Paulding Rd., Pettit Avenue, Rudisill Boulevard, and Old Mill Rd.

Crew Three:  Liberty Mills Rd., Homestead Rd., Aboite Center Rd., Dicke Rd., Amber Rd. and Highway 24.

Crew Four:  Hessen Cassel Rd., Paulding Rd., Anthony Blvd. and Tillman Rd.

Crew Five:  Calhoun Street, Bluffton Rd., Winchester Rd., Lower Huntington Rd., Paulding Rd. and Anthony Blvd.

Crew Six:  McKinnie Ave., Hanna Street, Anthony Blvd., Paulding Rd., Pettit Ave. and Hessen Cassel Rd.

  • To help make leaf pick-up most effective for your neighborhood, please keep the following in mind:
  • Have leaves raked to the park strip or curb and ready for pick-up on the first day of your scheduled weeks.
  • Please do not rake leaves into the street.  This will help avoid having leaves clog storm drain inlets and will help prevent street flooding in the event of heaving rains.
  • REMEMBER:  burning leaves within City limits is a violation of City Code §74.70.  The fine is $50 and increases to $75 if not paid within 30 days.

For collection of leaves that have been bagged in biodegradable bags, please call 311.  Bags will be picked up within two business days after you call.

Weather conditions or the volume of leaves in a particular area may cause the planned schedule to change.  For any necessary updates will be posted at  You may also contact the Leaf Hotline at 427-2302 or the Citizens Services Center at 311 with questions.

                                                                                OVERALL SCHEDULE

                                                  SOUTH                           NORTH                              CENTRAL

                                                   Oct. 17-21                      Oct. 24-28                          Oct. 31-Nov. 4

                                                   Nov. 7-11                       Nov. 14-18                          Nov. 28-Dec.2

The shortened week of Thanksgiving, November 21-25, will be a catch-up week, if needed.  There will be no leaf collection on Friday November 11th due to the Veterans Day holiday.

 For a larger version of this map and to see daily collection locations please visit

View the 2016 Leaf Pickup Map

Total number of calls made to 311 for leaf bags pick up through week 1: 

Leaves collected:

Truck loads......................

Vac loads.................................

Grand Total Loads.........................................

Approximate Ton of Leaves: