Monday, February 20, 2017

Right-Of-Way Mowing and Maintenance


During our "summer" season (April - September) the Street Department has four mowing crews that mow designated areas, park strips, lots, etc. that are considered public right of ways. The city is divided into four (4) areas and each area has an assigned mowing crew. To view the list of designated areas that the Street Department is responsible for, choose from below:


 North West

 South East

 South West

 North East


NORTH EAST Mowing   

By Street Department

Hand Mowing

Tractor Mowing

Columbia St Elevation @ Main
Tennessee @ Kentucky
St. Joe Blvd @ Parnell
Romy @ Parnell
St. Joe River Rd (guard rail)
Anthony @ Cadet (sw corner)
Crescent @ Anthony
Curdes @ Lawndale
Lawndale @ Buena Vista
Buena Vista @ Dodge
Leroy @ Dodge
Leroy @ Lynn
Lynn @ Hubertus
2400 Merivale
2140 Springfield
3500 Parnell @ Spy Run Ext.
Parnell @ N. Clinton
1900 Block St. Joe Center (s side)
St. Joe Ctr (s side guard rail)
Joan Dr (w of Manistee)
Annette @ Nevada
Kerrway Ct
Sunny Lane at Rothmere
Scepter Ct
4626 Hartford
St. Joe River easement
5700 Stellhorn
3900 Lahmeyer (guard rail)
Pemberton @ Niagra
Maplecrest b/w State & Trier
Lake b/w Maplecrest & Maysville
Lahmeyer b/w Trier & St. Joe Ctr
Northside Dr @ Parnell
Northside Dr @ Pleasant (2 lots)
Anthony @ Coliseum
Hwy 37 @ Coliseum
N. Clinton (median & both sides s/o St. Joe)
St. Joe Ctr b/w Reed & Wheelock
Wheelock b/w St. Joe Ctr & 37
6505 Reed Rd
4348, 4542, 4700 Evard
7200 St. Joe (e side)
7400-7600 St. Joe (w side)
Rothman @ Maplecrest (s side)
5518 Maplecrest west side to Hwy 37
Scepter Ct easement
State St (n side) across from Blackhawk school
Maplecrest @ Lake (w side)
Lake b/w Hobson & Beacon (n side)
Lakeside Middle School (dike)



Hand Mowing

Tractor Mowing

Westbrook @ Edgehill
Spy Run Ext.
Wayne Co-Op
Pape @ Sherman
Wilt @ VanBuren
Burgess b/w Osage & Degroff
2009 Spring (both sides)
Jefferson & garden
Wells @ Mildred
Jefferson @ Lafayette (sw corner)
St. Joe Ctr (guard rail)
Lindenwood (guard rail)
Wells St. bridge
Washington Ctr elevation
Campus @ St. Joe Ctr
Coliseum b/w Goshen & Hillegas (guard rail)
Wells @ Commerce
Osage elevation
Harvard @ Goshen
Grove (guard rail)
Clinton @ Fourth
Goshen Rd (guard rail)
State St. elevation
Sherman St bridge
Washington Square
Clinic & Community
Spy Run Ext @ Brewery
Ridgewood @ Clinton
Clinton n/o St. Joe
Swift Dr.
St. Joe Ctr (n side)
Shawnee School
Washington Ctr elevation
Wells @ Northrop
Northrop @ Fernhill
Wells @ Fernhill
Wells @ Fairmont
Ewing, Wells, Superior
St. Marys @ Breck
Runnion @ Richardson
Leesburg @ Main
Lindenwood @ Illinois
Illinois b/w Mian & Leesburg
US 14 b/w Jefferson & Thomas
Illinois @ Kmart
Hillegas b/w State & Leesburg
2700-2900 State
Butler b/w Goshen & Hillegas
Goshen elevation
Coliseum @ Hillegas
Harris b/w Goshen & Coliseum
Coldwater @ Cook
Hwy 24 from Freeman & Getz
Hwy 24 from Getz to city limit


Hand Mowing

Tractor Mowing

2403 John St (lot)
434,440,450,454 E. Wallace (parkstrip)
515 Suttenfield (lot)
Anthony @ Wallace (parkstrip)
Parking lot e/o 503 Wallace
Pontiac n/o elevation (3 islands)
4700 Bowser (island)
4800 Oliver (island)
Clinton @ Piqua (island)
Hystone b/w 6115 & 6125 (lot)
Marcy Lane e/o Werling Dr (island)
Wilson Dr (lot)
3212 & 3208 Lafayette
Anthony @ McKinnie (island)
Calumet @ Calhoun (island)
Clinton @ Champlain (parkstrip)
Hanna @ Paulding
700 Hayden (both sides)
Hayden b/w Francis & Harmar (n side)
1300 Hayden (s side)
1430 Eliza
Maumee @ Washington
1000 Maumee @ Division
900 Maumee @ King
Dubois @ Winch
Pennsylvania @ Dubois
700 E. Berry (guard rail)
800 E. Berry
3212 & 3208 Lafayette (lot)

1439 S. Anthony (lot)
2336 Perth (lot)
Coliseum @ Reynolds (both sides & median)
Harvester @ Edsall (ne corner)
Wayne Trace- RR-S to McKinnie (both sides)
Wayne Trace b/w Roy to elevation (w side)
Bauer b/w Tillman & Seddlemeyer (both sides)
Decatur Rd b/w Anthony E to end (both sides)
Gable Rd b/w Anthony & Decatur (both sides)
Gary b/w US 27 & Sylvia (both sides)
Hanna b/w Paulding & Tillman (both sides)
Hesen Cassel b/w Oxford & Tillman (both sides)
John St b/w Tillman to US 27 east
Old Decatur Rd b/w US 27 & Tillman (both sides)
Seddlemeyer b/w Anthony & Bauer (both sides)
Tillman b/w Anthony & Calhoun (both sides)
Tillman @ Gary (island)
Meyer Rd b/w Oxford & Lincoln Hwy
Oxford b/w Hessen Cassel & city limit (east)
Hayden @ Ohio
Pennsylvania @ Hancock
2600-2700 McDonald
Edsall @ McDonald (se corner)
Fairview @ Maumee
Maumee @ Washington
Washington @ Memorial Park (n side)
Dwenger Fire Academy
Berry @ Anthony (RR track n side)
800 Coombs ( 2 lots - both sides)
3000 Hessen Cassel
3043 Lafayette (lot)
503, 504 E. Wallace (lot)
526 & 528 E. Wallace (lot)


Hand Mowing

Tractor Mowing

Jefferson @ Old Illinois Rd
1404 Broadway
Taylor @ Fairfield
Taylor @ Lindley
Taylor @ Pauline
Illsley Dr
3903 Fairfield @ Rudisill
Maxine @ Hoagland
N. Cornell Cir @ Webster
Cornell Cir @ Pasadena (305-307)
Indiana @ Maplegrove
1200 Maxine
Sunset @ Crestwood
Stratford @ Pettit
Pettit @ Fairfield (s/o w side)
Buell @ Lenox
Morning Side
Southfair Ct @ Fairfield
Reserve Line
Donna @ Lakewood
Bluffton @ Old Trail
Kimberly @ Belle Vista

Guard rails

Baer Rd
Lwr Huntington bridge
Fairfield n/o Lwr Huntington
Bluffton @ Winchester
Hale St bridge
2400 Freeman (both sides)
3700 Taylor (n side)
3800 Taylor (s side)
3800-4000 Covington (s side)
3400-3700 Covington (n side)
2300-2600 Ardmore (e side)
Tillman @ Lwr Huntington (w side)
Jefferson b/w Freeman & Swiney bridge
Lwr Huntington @ Ardmore
Bluffton Rd by Brookwood Golf
Baerfield Thruway
2600 Taylor @ bridge (n side)

Carlton (ROW)
2400 Covington to Smith Rd
Darlene Ct (lot @ end of St)
Freeman b/w Nuttman & Covington
Nuttman b/w Ardmore & RR
Nutman easement behind Quimby
Engle b/w RR & Smith Rd
Ardmore b/w Taylor & Sandpoint
Bluffton b/w Broadway & Ferguson
Old Trail
Reserve Line Rd
Baerfield Thruway b/w Fairfield & Smith
Baer Rd
Lwr Huntington from WGL to Smith Rd
Winchester b/w Thruway & Bluffton
Bradbury & Broadripple
Indianapolis Rd s/o Thruway
Park to Waldron Cir (along river)
2100-2200 Henrietta (e side)
3200 Middle (both sides)
3200 Geneva (s side)
3100 Taylor (s side)
4000-4500 Taylor (n side)
4600-4700 Taylor (s side)
3800 Taylor (s side)
4000 Country Club (both sides)
10700 Keller Rd (both sides)
3300 Ferguson (n side)
8900-9501 Airport ( e & w side)
9500-10200 Airport (e & w side)
3400-3500 Piper (n side)
4400-5200 Deforest (e & w side)
7200 Tillman to 6600 Fairfield (e side)
3005 Commercial
Reservation off Bluffton Rd
2400 Fillmore
2500 Stoner
8100 Amherst
By Street Department