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Please Join us in Fort Wayne, IN September 27-29 for RNNC 2012!

The RNNC is comprised of neighborhood representatives from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. It is designed for grassroots, corporate, government, foundation, faith-based and non-profit leaders “dedicated to improving the quality of life in their communities.”

Fort Wayne is hosting the RNNC in September 2012. The City of Fort Wayne is proud to recognize well over 400 neighborhood associations that are integral in cutting-edge  development, while honoring its small town. The RNNC was founded 25 years ago, when a group of community leaders decided to offer neighborhood presidents in the five-state region an alternative to the expensive national neighborhood conferences.

The conference offers grassroots community leaders the opportunity to obtain training and access the information needed to reinforce their leadership skills and make sound suggestions to city government.

During the conference, local neighborhood leaders will join in discussions on such issues as crime prevention, neighborhood beautification, youth engagement, neighborhood revitalization and more.

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