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The Department of Animal Care and Control responds to calls within city limits regarding injured wildlife or wildlife causing an immediate public safety hazard. Living in harmony with wildlife in our community often poses some challenging situations to citizens. We have included useful information you may need from the professionals regarding humane alternatives to dealing with nuisance wildlife. Keeping garbage can lids secure, garage doors closed, and possibly suspending your bird feeding activities for a while may be necessary.

Humane live traps are available from the department if a wild animal has set up housekeeping in your attic. Call 427-1244 to check on current availability. Wildlife that have actually entered and are currently accessible in the living space of your home can be removed by an Animal Control Officer. Live traps are not dispersed for nuisance wildlife living outside, as exclusion tactics are the best method of dealing with these animals rather than relocation.

Injured wildlife may be brought to the shelter for pickup by licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Do not put yourself at risk for a wild animal bite, if there is concern regarding a bite, call us to pick up the injured animal.

Wildlife issues that you have not been able to successfully eliminate by excluding them from your home may require the service of a private company that offers these types of service. Local companies that are licensed by the DNR are shown below:


  • Critter Control: 625-3099

  • American Animal Control, LLC Dan Glock - Licensed Specialist 260-715-2717
  • Naylor and Sons: 436-2792

  • Sly Fox Wildlife Control, nusiance wildlife removal: (260) 637-8861or 710-7878 - thy will respond to calls on coyotes.
  • Orkin Pest  471-5803

  • Basic Wildlife Removal/Kenneth Brosman  1-866-257-5903

  • DNR Nuisance Wildlife Help

  • Detailed Q & A regarding Canada Geese https://epermits.fws.gov/eRCGR/DOC/eRcgrFaq.pdf 

A common misconception is that setting a live trap, catching the raccoon, skunk or opossum and destroying it or relocating it will take care of the nuisance. However, before too long another raccoon, skunk or opossum will move into the area. If it was a good habitat for one, it's just as good for another. Urban wildlife enjoy the easy life we often unknowingly provide for them; they don't like a hostile environment. Taking steps to deter them will encourage them to move on.


  • Racoons
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Opossums
  • Canadian Geese
  • Bats

    The Scoop on Animal Care & Control March 2016.  Topic this month:  Urban wildlife with guest Megan Dillon, Urban Wildlife Biologist, Indiana Department of Natural Resources.



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