Saturday, August 29, 2015
Clean Rivers Team Sewage Overflow Reduction

Safety Measures

Dealing with Flood & Sewer Waters in Your Home
Safety Measures to Protect your Family from Diseases Related to Flood Waters

The following safety measures will help reduce the risk of your family and pets contracting diseases associated with sewage-contaminated flood waters.

  • Avoid direct contact with flood or back-up water when possible. Children and pets should not play or come in contact with flood water.

  • When cleaning up flooded areas, wear protective clothing and gear, such as latex gloves and waterproof, impenetrable rubber boots to prevent exposure to sewage. Contact the Department of Public Health to receive protective rubber gloves.

  • Use a disinfectant solution of laundry bleach (5.25% hypochlorite) for clean-up. You can make this disinfectant solution by mixing one part laundry bleach, such as Chlorox, with nine parts water.

  • After cleaning up, make sure to do the following before removing protective latex gloves.

    • Sanitize or dispose of aprons and other clothing worn during the clean-up

    • Disinfect rubber foot-wear in a bucket using the bleach disinfectant described above

    • Disinfect buckets and other such materials used in the clean-up, before storing them

  • Remove latex gloves from the inside-out and wash hands for at least two minutes with warm water and a disinfectant soap to assure all skin surfaces are clean of contaminants.

  • Place disposables in a sealed plastic bag for garbage collection.