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Design and Construction CADD Resources

CADD Resources

The following is a list of CADD Resources available for download which have been prepared to aid individuals, professionals and companies in adhering to the requirements of the Design Standards Manual; in particular Book 6: CADD Standards. These resources have been created with the intent of minimizing the time and effort necessary to meet the CADD Standards requirements. It is recommended that all project drawings be created utilizing these templates. Using them should expedite the CADD process and help fullfill expected drawing variables and settings. All CAD files provided are in Autodesk 2013 .dwg format. No warranties are extended or granted, either expressed or implied, with respect to the accuracy and/or performance of any materials or resources provided.

Book 6: CADD Standards-Related:

doc small CADD3 Exhibit 3-2 CUE Minimum CADD Deliverables Checklist -- Microsoft Word version of Exhibit 3-2 used to review CADD Deliverables.

zip1 CADD6 Standard Layer Lists -- zipped files which includes PDF versions of CUE Standard Layers Lists for the Civil, Electrical, General and Survey-Mapping Disciplines. Layer lists for Architectural, Mechanical, Structural, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire, Instrumentation and Landscaping are preliminary and available upon request.

zip1 CADD7 Standard Symbols -- zipped files which include DWG versions of CUE Standard Symbols for (MasterFormat) Disciplines. Symbols should be in a format to be utilized at the common 1" = 20' drawing scale.

     pdf-15 CADD 7 Divisions - Table of Contents

          zip1 Division 01 General Part 1

          zip1 Division 01 General Part 2

          zip1 Various Divisions 01 to 02 & 34

          zip1 Division 23 HVAC Part 1

          zip1 Division 23 HVAC Part 2

          zip1 DIvision 23 HVAC Part 3

          zip1 Division 23 HVAC Part 4

          zip1 Division 23 HVAC Part 5

          zip1 Division 26 Electrical Part 1

          zip1 Division 26 Electrical Part 2

          zip1 Division 33 Utilities

pdf-15 CADD7 Standard Symbols Index -- Searchable PDF Index List of all CUE Standard Symbols for (MasterFormat) Disciplines. Index provides the Master Format number for the symbol, a description, type, graphical representation, and .dwg File Name of the symbol.

pdf-15 CADD8 Standard Drawings and Details Master List -- Searchable PDF List of all CUE Standard Drawings and Details. The list provides Page Number and Official Names.

Software-Related Files:

zip1 CUE Survey - Mapping.dwt -- CAD Template used for creation of drawings of existing items. Examples of drawings created from this template are survey TOPOs, Base drawings, etc...

zip1 CUE Civil - Design.dwt -- CAD Template used for creation of drawings of Proposed items. Examples of drawings created from this template are Plan, Plan and Profile and Cross Section sheets.

zip1 CUE General Sheet Layouts.dwt -- CAD Template used as a repository of common Sheet Layouts. Common workflow is to use Autodesk Design Center to drag layouts from this template into another AutoCAD drawing. This template shall not be used to create any Plan Production sheets as it does not have all the necessary settings, layers, styles, etc... necessary to satisfy CADD Standards requirements.

zip1 CUE Drawing Standards Files -- zipped file which includes DWS versions of DWT Templates. Files are used to run CADD Standards Checks on Plan Production sheet drawings.

zip1 C3D 2013 Pipes Catalog -- zipped file which includes configuration and drawing files for the AutoCAD Civil 3D Part Catalog containing definitions for storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and other modelled pipe networks that can be inserted into a drawing. All Civil 3D Pipe Networks shall be based on, and utilize this Pipes Catalog. If it is not used, the part paramenters (pipe sizes, materials, etc...) will not match when the files are transfered from one computer system to another.

Supporting Files:

zip1CADD Project Folder Structure Template -- zipped file which includes standard electronic filing structure for efficient use and retrieval. Folder structure includes necessary directories for CADD files and includes Standard Title Block drawings utilized as external references for Plan Production sheets.

zip1 Fonts -- zipped file which includes fonts necessary for the CADD Standards requirements.

zip1 Hatch Patterns -- zipped file which includes AutoCAD hatch patterns (.pat format) necessary for the CADD Standards requirements.

zip1 Linetype Files -- zipped file which includes AutoCAD linetype files (.lin format) and other supporting files necessary for the CADD Standards requirements. The CUE custom linteype file is titled "CUE TSAEC32.lin".

zip1 Plotting Files -- zipped file which includes AutoCAD Plotting files (.ctb Plot Styles, .PMP and .PC3 files) necessary for the CADD Standards requirements.

Standard Drawings and Details:

Standard Drawings and Details in PDF and DWF formats. Use Standard Drawings and Details as presented and provided. This delivery policy ensures consistency in plans.



Miscellaneous Stormwater Details

Miscellaneous Sewer Details

Miscellaneous Water Details

Backfill and Separation

Pump Stations

Erosion and Sediment Control


Master Specifications