Sunday, August 30, 2015
Drinking Water

Water Distribution and Storage

Fort Wayne City Utilities operates several reservoirs that help to ensure an adequate supply of water for the City.

Water can be impounded in the Cedarville Reservoir at Leo-Cedarville and behind the St. Joe River Dam near Johnny Appleseed Park.  City Utilities also has a man-made reservoir near Grabill called the Hurshtown Reservoir.

pdf-15 Hurshtown Reservoir -- fact sheet

Once the water is treated at the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant, it is held in a 20 million gallon underground storage reservoir just outside the Plant until it is pumped out into the distribution system. Water is distributed to 5 elevated storage tanks around the City where it is stored until needed. The tanks also help maintain water pressure in the outskirts of the distribution system.

Water travels through more than 1,160 miles of water mains to the 250,000 customers served by the Fort Wayne water utility.