Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Projects & Meetings

Upcoming Projects & Project Meetings

Fort Wayne City Utilities frequently holds special meetings to discuss projects with residents who may be affected.  Meetings are held at several stages in each project. Usually meetings are held when project design is about to begin, just before construction begins and when design is complete.

You can find out more about projects and scheduled meetings by clicking on the project name in the listing below.


2014 Water Main Replacement Package 2

Coldwater, Waterswolde to Farmstead 

Covington Road-Smith Road Water Main Replacement 

Drexel, Trentman, Oxford: Water Main Replacement

Fairfield, Hollis and Millside 

NWFM Phase 4- Clinton to Fernhill

Southwick Village Water Main Replacement

Water Main Replacement 2013 Package 1-Central/West

Water Main Replacement 2013 Package 2-North & Northeast


Downtown Sewer Separation Phase 2 

Lenox Ave-Farifax Sewer Seperation Phase 2 

St Joe River CSO Relief Sewer 

Taylor-Hale Sewer Seperation Phase 1


Debeney Drive Drainage Improvements

Granada Drive Drainage Improvements

Huffman Blvd Drainage Improvements

Tillman & Calhoun Stormwater Improvements