Friday, September 04, 2015
What's New?

What's New? - Stormwater

Help Prevent Street Flooding -- Keep Storm Drains Clear

Autumn is beautiful, but the leaves will fall from the trees. Wind and rain can wash leaves over storm sewer inlets, causing street flooding. Fort Wayne City Utilities asks for your help in keeping storm drains clear. When you rake your leaves for collection by the City, please keep them on your yard or the park strip. Please do not rake them into the street.

When it rains, if you see that storm drain inlets are clogged with leaves, please rake the leaves off the storm drain openings. With over 61,000 storm drain inlets, the City can't get to every inlet when it rains. Please be a storm drain steward and help keep the strom drains clear.

Pet Waste Management
Fort Wayne City Utilities has a new brochure that gives pet owners tips on what to do with pet waste. Bacteria from pet waste can be carried by stormwater runoff into area ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. It's important to pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly to help reduce water pollution. pdf-15 Read the brochure
Disconnecting Downspouts

Another new publication form City Utilities will help you disconnect your downspouts if they go into an underground pipe. Or, if you want to send water from your downspouts to a different area or to a rain garden,