Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Volunteer Animal Care Teens

Animal Care Teens


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WHAT IS IT?  Animal Care Teens (A.C.T.) is a program directed by the education department of Animal Care & Control to offer students ages 13-17 an opportunity to ACT for animals and explore their personal career interests.  As a member you will be joining other teens who share your career goal or hobby interest in animals.  Together we will show our support and commitment to helping animals in the shelter and in the community.  We hope that the Animal Care Teens Program will inspire your own involvement and responsibility, while cultivating an atmosphere of caring.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  The program fee is $20.00 for the year and consists of meetings held the first and third Tuesday of each month from September - April and an awards ceremony in May.  A.C.T. meetings include guest speakers that present animal vocations, service projects, fieldtrips, and time for socializing adoption animals. Students that are at least 15 years old can earn a hands-on learning opportunity outside of group meetings.

Included in the program is a five level point system.  Member can earn points, progress to higher levels of activities, and receive recognition at the awards ceremony.  Points are earned by attendance and becoming involved in activities that affect the care of animals.  You may choose to promote pet adoptions, take on a service project, or share important information with others on how to responsibly treat animals in our community.

WHY DO IT?  There are a number of advantages to joining the A.C.T. for Animals.  One of the big reasons is that you will be meeting professional people who are already working on behalf of animals.  They can help you as you make decisions about your future.  Another advantage is that you will meet other students like yourself who want to make a difference for animals.  These friendships can be a special connection.

Other advantages will come to you in the future as a college student and employee.  Believe it or not, what you choose to do now in your spare time makes a difference later in your life.  Employers and college recruiters look for people who have volunteered their time and have worked on special service projects.  It shows what an outstanding individual you are!  There are many teen clubs around the country whose members receive recognition for the wonderful things they do.  We think our young people should too!

Each level in the A.C.T. program brings additional challenges.  As you work your way up, you receive more opportunities and rewards.

The Animal Care Teens inclement weather policy is as follows:
If the Fort Wayne Community Schools close due to inclement weather or if the Mayor declares a snow emergency on a scheduled ACT meeting night, the Animal Care Teens will also be cancelled. When there is a school delay, Animal Care Teens will meet at the regularly scheduled time.

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