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Whisker Wag'n Appearances

Whisker Wag'n

Taking pet adoptions on the road!

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In our mission to create more opportunities for homeless pets to be adopted, we offer our Whisker Wag'n mobile adoption unit to area businesses and community events for a sponsorship fee of $25 per animal. By showcasing some of our most adorable pets we hope to reach potential adopters throughout the community--wherever they are!  At various times and scheduled locations, the Whisker Wag’n will have sponsored dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and even pockets pets aboard the vehicle that are happily awaiting adoption into new and loving homes!

How do I request a Whisker Wag'n appearance at my special event or business location?

The FWACC Whisker Wag'n is always looking to "get its paws" involved with new and exciting events that offer substantial adoption opportunities!  To increase the likelihood that the date of your event is available, submit your request 2 MONTHS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT DATE  (subject to change based on availability).

Email Lindsay.Pease@cityoffortwayne.org with:

  • Name of the Event
  • Date, Time and Location of Event
  • Anticipated Number of Participants
  • Length of Desired Wag'n Appearance (maximum 4 hours)
  • Number of animals you wish to sponsor. ($25 per animal based on availability)
  • Name and Phone Number of Contact Person

PLEASE NOTE: Each circumstance is unique pertaining to Whisker Wag'n appearance sponsorships!  If you have a question regarding the fee or scheduling, please contact Lindsay.Pease@cityoffortwayne.org


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