Fort Wayne Pursues the 2009

All America City  Award


All Together Now!

"All Together Now" exemplifies the collaborative spirit of the three projects highlighted in Fort Wayne's All-America City application. The theme is designed to create a framework for discussing how Fort Wayne is addressing its challenges and planning for its future.

By touching the lives of diverse populations, including recent immigrants, youth, and families, these projects include ALL of our neighborhoods, and they connect these neighborhoods in a way that builds a unique sense of community. Also, due to the interconnections among those providing service through, and those served by, these projects, they touch ALL of our residential, business, and governmental segments. These projects are truly inclusive of ALL demographics within our community.

In highlighting projects that promote teamwork, we strive to demonstrate how Fort Wayne is working TOGETHER to build a stronger community. Collaboration is key to success for all three of our highlighted projects. Only by standing TOGETHER will we succeed TOGETHER.

The opportunities and challenges in our community cannot wait. NOW is the time for our youth to build their leadership skills. NOW is the time for us to welcome our newest citizens as they make us stronger through diversity. NOW is the time for us to build a new infrastructure that connects neighborhoods--and neighbors--in ways that improve our quality of life.

NOW is time for Fort Wayne to demonstrate why it is an All-America City. NOW is the time for ALL of us to come TOGETHER. ALL. TOGETHER. NOW.