Humane Education Videos and Lesson Plans

We are always making new videos for you to use in your classroom. Each video focuses on a character trait with animals as the focus. Here is what we have available now: 


KCS: Megan's Mural Project

See how Megan turned her dream into a reality all while helping shelter pets. If you know a kiddo in Fort Wayne doing great things for animals and would like to see them featured in a Kind Club Short, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




KCS: Don't Feed Ducks and Geese!

In this episode we meet The Duck Whisperer who teaches us why we should never feed ducks and geese in our neighborhood.



KCS: Heading Back to School  

If you walk to school, learn how you can stay safe if you encounter a dog along the way. 



KCS: Animal Laws

There are lots of laws that protect animals - in this episode we'll talk about a few. 



KCS: Poisonous Foods

Some of our favorite treats can be dangerous for our pets. 


KCS: Pets are Unique

Every person is unique, just like every pet is unique!


KCS: Pets have Feelings Too

Just like us, our pets can feel happy, sad, safe and scared!


KCS: Ways you Can Help Homeless Pets

There are lots of ways kids can help homeless pets in their community!


KCS: Pet Fire Safety

It's important to include our pets in our family's fire safety plan!



KCS: Back to School

Help your students make going back to school easier on their furry friends. 



KCS: What I Learned at the Shelter!

Our summer campers share important tips they learned during the summer!


KCS: Treat Your Pets

Pets love treats just like us! Learn how you can make healthy, tasty treats for your dog. 


KCS: Dog Bite Prevention

Help your students learn a new language - DOG! 

KCS: Journey Through an Animal Shelter

Let your students explort Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control through the eyes of the animals we help every day!

To accompany this video here are several lesson plans and worksheets:

Lesson Plan for KCS: Journey Through an Animal Shelter: This lesson plan will guide you and your students through discussing what an Animal Shelter is, vocabulary associated with animal welfare efforts, how to be responsible pet guardians and will promote compassion and empathy toward animals.

KCS: Kid-to-Kid Holiday Safety

KCS: All About Bats

To accompany this video here are several lesson plans and worksheets:

Bats Reading Lesson: Students will exercise their reading skills while learning more about bats!

Bats Mini book: Students will create a mini book all about bats!

KCS: Respecting Wildlife

To accompany this video here are several lesson plans and worksheets:

Rhyme 'n Reason Lesson Plan : Students will demonstrate an understanding how wild animals might feel in captivity. They will identify, analyze and apply knowledge of the structure, elements and theme of peotry and provide evidence from the text to support their understanding. 

Sharing Our World : Students will identify and understand wild animals while working on their spelling skills. 

Wild or Domestic? : Students will learn to identify wild and domestic animals. 

 KCS: Responsibilities of Owning Guinea Pigs

 To accompany this video here are several lesson plans and worksheets:

Tales of Consequences: Students will understand that there are many responsibilities in caring for a pet and that there are negative consequences when we neglect those responsibilities. They will understand cause and effect and sequencing by putting events in order. 

Responsible Spelling: Students will better understand responsibility through reading narrative and expository text aloud. They will use listening skills to understand directions and spell frequently used words. 

Pick a Word, Any Word: Students will learn vocabulary words while learning the responsibilities of pet ownership. 

Kid-to-Kid: Questions for a Veterinarian

To accompany this video here are several lesson plans and worksheets:

Bottle of Beans: In this lesson students will understand that pet overpopulation is a major concern in our community. They will also learn how spaying and neutering is a key component of stopping the problem.

Fay and Nick: In this lesson students will understand why there is a pet overpopulation problem. 

On the Right Path: Students will complete a maze while dispelling myths of spaying and neutering. 

Operation Pet Care: Students will role-play as an animal shelter worker, while learning about basic animal care needs. 

Humane Worsheets by grade for TEACHERS and Homeschoolers! *Information and lesson plans provided by: 

Primary (Grades K-2)

Which Ones Are Wild? - Young students will decide which animals are wild, and learn why it matters.

Shark Dive - Test students' knowledge about sharks.

Make a Prairie Dog! - Students will need scissors, crayons, and glue or tape for this activity.

The Coast is Clear - Students will learn which animals live in coastal habitats, and draw them on a scene of the beach.

Found on the Farm - Through a farm animal word search, students will learn one thing that all animals deserve.

Animal Connection - Students will find out one thing that all animals have in  common. Use around Earth Day or anytime you're teaching a unit on the  environment. 

Picture-Perfect Pickup - Students can search the park for litter and learn why we need to keep the environment clean. 

Secret Shapes -  Use this activity to dispel some common myths about a farm animal who  is more sensitive, gentle, and intelligent than many people realize. 

From the Birds - Thank a bird-lover for feeding the birds. Students will need crayons and scissors for this art activity.

See Who's in the Sea - Use this worksheet to encourage students to respect vital habitats, such as oceans.

Thank You - Give students practice in writing skills while reviewing basic pet needs.

Pick Out the Pet - Use this worksheet to remind students that wild animals are not appropriate pets.

Habitat Happiness - Children tempted to catch tadpoles and frogs? Use this worksheet to emphasize that wild animals belong in the wild.

Junior and Senior (Grades 3-6)

A Tale of Two Critters - Give students a chance to view a  human/animal conflict from different perspectives while giving them  practice in critical thinking and creative writing. Students' answers  will vary.

Shark Circle (grades 3-4) and  Shark Smarts (grades 5-6) - Test students' knowledge of sharks.

Prairie Dog Code - Students will use a code to discover interesting facts about the fascinating prairie dog.

A Number of Facts about Chickens - Students will decode interesting facts about chickens.

Endangered Species Match and Save - Through a fill-in-the-blank matching exercise, students will learn why certain animals have become endangered.

Caring 100% - By practicing fractions, students will learn why it's important to leave wildlife alone. Use this worksheet in the spring when baby animals are being born. 

Table It - Students will practice reasoning and comprehension skills by helping a club organize their benefit bake sale.

Pets 4 Life - By solving this rebus puzzle, students will learn why pets are a lifetime commitment.

Remembering Keiko - Students will practice comprehension and establishing a timeline by reading about beloved orca Keiko and why marine mammals belong in their natural habitats. 

Help These Pets Find Forever Homes! - This worksheet will give students practice in writing skills while reviewing basic pet needs and the problem of homeless pets.

Pets Aplenty - Students will practice logic and math skills as well as get an eye-opening lesson about pet overpopulation.

Beach Cleanup: The Dirty Dozen - Students will find out the 12 most common trash items found during beach cleanups. Perfect to use in September for International Coastal Clean-up Day.

The Saltwater Life - Through a word search, students will identify some of the many ocean animals damaged by pollution.


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