The holidays are a great time for fun decorations, presents, and lots of good food.

Just remember that while the holidays are fun for you they can pose many un-suspecting dangers to your pets.

Christmas trees for example, can be very dangerous if your pet should ingest pine needles, ornaments, tinsel, or ribbon. If you use an additive in the water of a Christmas tree, cover the water with foil to keep your pet from drinking it. Always supervise your pets around decorations – especially those with electrical wires that a pet might chew or become tangled in.

Be sure to keep a close eye on doors leading to the outside. Many pets escape and become lost as the family come and go for festivities. Always keep a collar and identification tags on your pet for its safety.

After big family meals, be sure to seal the garbage and remove it from the home. Chicken, turkey, and ham bones are a real temptation and if chewed by your pet, could splinter and create an emergency situation. Food from the dining room isn’t the only danger waiting to make your pet sick. Many holiday plants can be poisonous, so be sure to keep them out of reach. All around avoid the temptation to indulge your pets. The best advice is to keep your animals diet the same as it is the rest of the year.

Presents are always nice, whether giving, or receiving. Just keep in mind that animals have a powerful sense of smell. If you give a gift of candy or food to some one with a pet, let them know that a pet might try to investigate it, so they can place the gift out of the pet’s reach.

Adopting a new pet can bring the best of holiday joy to any family. Discuss it with all your family members and think it through. An animal can have difficultly adjusting to busy schedules and excess activity, but for many families, the holidays can be about quiet time with those you love. Be sure if you are adding a new pet to your family this holiday season you do so knowing a new pet will do better with additional attention, learning a routine, and getting to know your expectations. Make the holidays a happy and safe experience for all – including your pets.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control.