Pet owners should exercise caution and be aware of an illegal trend called Pet Flipping.

In a typical pet-flipping situation, a criminal will get hold of a dog or cat either by finding it or by stealing it, and then turning around and selling it for a quick profit.

Another aspect of the crime is when someone claims to be the owner of a dog or cat that someone has found and publicly advertised. By falsely claiming the found pet, the criminal can then sell it for profit.

Pet Flipping is a serious cause for concern for all pet owners, but also for anyone looking to buy a dog or cat. It could end up being someone else’s stolen pet.

Pet owners in Allen County are cautioned to supervise pets carefully whenever they are outside and invest in a microchip for permanent identification. You can currently get a microchip implanted at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control for $15.00. You do not need an appointment; you simply need to bring your dog or cat to 3020 Hillegas Road during regular business hours along with proof of rabies and your legal I.D.

Have your pet’s spayed or neutered so that can’t be stolen and used for breeding. Keep your cats inside and your dog on a leash when walking through neighborhoods and city parks. Never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle or tied outside of a business.

If your pet is lost, be sure to fill out a lost report in person at FWACC or over the phone. You can also notify Lost Dogs/Lost Cats of Fort Wayne.

Don’t let your dog or cat become a victim of Pet Flipping.