Postal workers in Fort Wayne see a spike in the number of dog bites during the summer months. It’s likely because the weather is nice, our dogs are outside more and more kids are getting out of school – so they might let the dog out during the time the postal worker stops by their home.

First – it’s important to think from your dog’s point of view. Do they bark every time they see a postal worker come to their house? Most of the time the postal worker probably leaves the mail and leaves, but your dog probably continues to bark. In their mind – the postal worker is leaving because they are barking, telling them to get away from their home! Even if they are friendly, this daily activity of them “chasing off” the postal worker from inside their home is their “duty”. Well, if that postal worker needs to speak directly to you and doesn’t turn and leave after dropping off the mail – your dog may see that as a major threat and it’s possible they could bite while trying to “protect” you and their home.

Here are some simple steps to help protect postal workers and help your pet feel safe and secure.

  1. Be aware of the time your postal worker stops by your home. If you know it’s about the same time every day remember to put your dog inside and remind your children to do the same thing. Again, even if your dog is friendly – they may view the postal worker as a threat. Any dog can bite!
  2. Put your dog in another room before opening the door to greet anyone delivering a package.
  3. Avoid taking something directly from a postal worker. Dogs can view this as a threat.
  4. Put yourself in their shoes! Would you want to go to work every day worrying about what might happen if a dog is outside and isn’t too excited to see them? Be courteous and proactive