While you are out enjoying the city’s parks and trails with your pets it’s important to keep them on a leash at all times. Fort Wayne City ordinance states that all pets must be on a leash and under your control at all times. This includes fenced in areas found in parks like tennis courts and baseball diamonds. Even if your pet is friendly, not all pets are and many people don’t appreciate being greeted by strange dogs. Failing to comply with city ordinances can result in costly fines.

Keeping your pet on a leash at all times is just one way to keep them safe. It’s important to make sure they are up to date on all vaccines too. All dogs, cats and ferrets three months and older are required to get a rabies vaccine in the state of Indiana. Your dog should also be vaccinated for distemper. Ensuring your pet is wearing proper identification and their city registration tag is an important. Microchipping your pet is another important part of keeping them safe. Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control offers microchipping to the public for just $15 during normal business hours.