Pet overpopulation is the main reason there are so many homeless animals in our community. It’s our goal at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control to educate the public about ways to be a responsible pet owner and reduce the number of animals that come through our doors. The best way to make this happen is through a simple spay or neuter surgery to prevent your pet from reproducing.

There are many myths about altering pets. Spaying or neutering your pet does not make them gain weight – lack of exercise causes that. Some claim it can cause pets to be lazy, but that falls back on the owners too. You may have heard that spaying or neutering your pet is unhealthy. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Spaying or neutering your pet helps them live a longer, healthier life by eliminating the possibility of certain cancers and greatly reducing the possibility of some infections.

A change in behavior is also among the list of “negatives” when it comes to altering your pets. In fact, the simple surgery can help spark positive changes in behavior. Neutered dogs and cats are less likely to mark their territory and are less likely to run away. Neutering can also help with aggression issues due to lower levels of testosterone.

Please consider having your pet spayed or neutered to help reduce the number of homeless pets.  H.O.P.E. for Animals is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in our community that also offers affordable wellness care.