Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has a new resource available to help citizens rehome their pets that keeps them from entering the shelter. Through Adopt a citizens will be able to keep their pets in their homes while working with professionals to create an online adoption profile for their pets and select new adopters.

This initiative is putting Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control one step closer to reaching its goal of keeping more pets out of the shelter. Not only does it help keep fewer animals from entering the shelter – it’s better for the health of the animals. Shelters are extremely stressful for pets coming through and sometimes that stress can change their behavior. Extreme behaviors can prevent an animal from going into the adoption program. This rehoming program prevents that from happening by keeping the pets in their homes. People looking to rehome their pet can indicate how long they are able to keep the pet in their home whether it be a few weeks or a few months. Potential adopters are able to learn valuable information about the pet from its previous owners which results in better matches and animals staying in their new homes.

The program is completely free to use and can be accessed at