City Utilities owns and operates a small drinking water system near Spencerville in Allen County, Indiana that provides water to a small number of homes in the Honeysuckle subdivision.
Each year, City Utilities is required to publish an annual water quality report for the Honeysuckle Water System.  The report contains water quality information from the previous calendar year.
The water source for the Honeysuckle system is groundwater wells.  Because Honeysuckle is a ground water system, there is a designated wellhead protection area that encompasses all of the land within 3,000 feet of the groundwater wells.
Property owners served by the Honeysuckle system and those in the wellhead protection area are encouraged to take steps to protect drinking water from contamination. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management and City Utilities have developed fact sheets and other material to help property owners better understand sources of groundwater contamination and protect the aquifer that provides water for the Honeysuckle system.