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The Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant was constructed at the confluence of Fort Wayne's three rivers in 1933. When it was built, it had the capacity to produce 24 million gallons of treated water per day (MGD). Since the original construction there have been two major additions: a 24 MGD expansion in 1955 and a 24 MGD addition in 1981. The total capacity of the Plant today is 72 million gallons per day, enough to supply the needs of Fort Wayne for at least the next 10 to 15 years.
Located in downtown Fort Wayne at the confluence of the three rivers the "water plant" has the capacity to provide 72 million gallons a day of clean, treated water for cooking, drinking, fire fighting, and other uses. Click here to learn more about the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant.
The Filtration Plant was designed in the Collegiate Gothic architectural style. Learn more about the architecture of the facility.