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“Miracle of Flight” Live Butterfly Exhibit

April 18-July 5, Public hours

How do the wings of a butterfly work? If they lose their dust-like scales, can butterflies still fly? Why do some glide and others dart and dash? Are all insect wings alike? Is it true that a bumblebee defies the laws of physics by flying with wings too small for its body? The Botanical Conservatory will help answer all your questions regarding the mechanics of flight for butterflies, bees, flies and dragonflies. Then, inside the live butterfly enclosure, you can simply marvel at the swoops and darts of our exotic butterfly menagerie. Perfect for a school field trip, family visit or for the curious and delightable! Sponsored by 97.3 WMEE,  ABC 21 WPTA and the Franklin Electric Charitable and Educational Foundation.

Location : Botanical Conservatory