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Confluence Kitchen: Featuring the Culture of Italy

Join us at the Park Foundation Pavilion for the second event in our ongoing Confluence Kitchen series. We celebrate other cultures, giving those who are a part of these cultures the chance to teach other people about them, and giving those who are not familiar with the culture a chance to learn. This time we will be showcasing the culture of Italy. Come swap recipes and try to pick up a few phrases in Italian. Snap a few selfies at the themed photo booth and learn how to make a miniature mosaic like the iconic pieces still seen in Italy today. Italian food will also be available for purchase. Registration deadline: April 3. Min. 20. Max. 120.

Code     Date      Day        Time

190100-S1            4/11       Sa           1:00 p.m.

# Sessions/Fee: 1/$5

Location: Promenade Park, 202 W. Superior St.

Location : Promenade Park