City’s Record Infrastructure Investment Continues $25 Million...

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City’s Record Infrastructure Investment Continues $25 Million...

Post by GalindoP » Thu May 11, 2017 3:48 pm

City’s Record Infrastructure Investment Continues
Orange Barrels Dot the City

Fort Wayne, Ind. -- Mayor Tom Henry and the Public Works Division unveiled the list of 2017 transportation infrastructure projects that will enhance mobility, improve safety and strengthen neighborhoods.

Nearly 500 individual projects in more than 130 neighborhoods will be visible throughout the spring, summer and fall and in all parts of the City.

“Neighborhoods are the backbone of our City. It’s critical that we invest in projects that will have a lasting and meaningful impact,” said Mayor Henry. “Successful cities must have an infrastructure system that works effectively. Making street, road, sidewalk, ADA ramp and street lighting enhancements demonstrates our commitment to neighborhoods and positions Fort Wayne as a point of destination for businesses and residents.”

Over the last four years, Mayor Henry has committed $100 million to improving the City’s 1,200 miles of streets, 1,600 miles of sidewalks and growing our trail network to more than 70 City miles. The 2017 investment is nearly $25 million.

2017 investment includes:

41.5 miles of asphalt resurfacing
5.7 miles of concrete reconstruction
9.2 miles of concrete walk
14 miles of concrete curb
11 miles of trail
768 concrete ramps
3,000 faded traffic signs replaced
740 miles of painted roadway lines, crosswalks, curbs and turn arrows

The infrastructure investments being made in neighborhoods this year are not part of the proposal to adjust the local income tax to enhance neighborhood sidewalks and alleys and riverfront development. If the income tax is adjusted, projects that would be made possible through that change would begin in 2018.

“Our projects not only address the condition of the roadway, but look at the overall transportation network and improvements in connectivity and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists,” said Shan Gunawardena, City Engineer. “From improving visibility, lighting, crossings and adding green elements such as new trees and landscaping, these are improvements that benefit all residents and businesses."

Beyond the Road

Active Transportation, by foot or on bike, remains an important part of the City’s transportation network. In the past 10 years, we’ve increased connectivity by adding nearly 40 miles of City trails, 38 miles of new sidewalk and 8 miles of bike lanes.

This year the Fort Wayne Regional trail network will grow to 100 miles with 80 of those miles in the City. This year nearly 11 miles of City trails will begin construction including Bluffton Road, multiple portions of the Pufferbelly Trail and the Hanna Street Trail.

Also this year, new sidewalks will offer connectivity on Jefferson Boulevard, Lake Avenue and portions of Washington Center Road and new bike lanes will be constructed on Hobson Road and Fairfield Avenue. We will also add new crosswalks and crossing lights in a few school zones that needed an upgrade.

Visit invest for more information about 2017 projects.


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