Frontier Launches Free Community Wi-Fi Hot Zones...

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Frontier Launches Free Community Wi-Fi Hot Zones...

Post by GalindoP » Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:41 am

Dan Sullivan, general manager, Frontier
Phone: 260-428-8004
Dana Berkes, public relations manager, Frontier
Phone: 260-461-3038
John Perlich, director of public information, City of Fort Wayne
Phone: 260-427-6957 ... zones.html
Frontier Communications Launches Free Community Wi-Fi Hot Zones
in Fort Wayne’s Freimann Square and One Summit Square
Residents and Businesses Can Stay Connected While On-The-Go

FORT WAYNE, Indiana – Dec. 11, 2013 – Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) announced today it has launched a new Community Wi-Fi Hot Zone covering Freimann Square and One Summit Square in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in partnership with the City of Fort Wayne. Known simply as a ‘Hot Zone’, this series of inter-connected and overlaid outdoor Wi-Fi access points form a continuous Wi-Fi Hot Zone that allows downtown visitors to seamlessly stay connected to broadband Internet services while in the Hot Zone. A variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices are supported such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. The Frontier Hot Zone is managed 24/7/365 by Frontier’s 100% U.S.-based workforce.
Frontier’s Downtown Fort Wayne Hot Zone is the fastest open mesh network in Fort Wayne and covers Freimann Square and One Summit Square, popular downtown gathering locations that feature a variety of popular downtown events throughout the year.
“I’m encouraged by the investment and positive momentum in the City of Fort Wayne,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “We appreciate the partnership with Frontier to provide free Wi-Fi in our downtown area that continues to grow and succeed. Being a leader in technology demonstrates a commitment to attracting and retaining jobs and businesses and making Fort Wayne a welcoming place for citizens and visitors.”
“Frontier is proud to strengthen its presence in Fort Wayne with a proven tool in driving economic development in local communities," said Dan Sullivan, Frontier General Manager. "We are bringing the communities we serve technology leadership; connectivity via wireless broadband access is what business and residential customers, visitors and commuters want, need and can now enjoy through this partnership between the City of Fort Wayne and Frontier. “
The Hot Zone is an addition to Frontier’s existing suite of Internet, phone, TV and other residential, business and commercial products and services.

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