Change in Association Rules on Sheds

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Change in Association Rules on Sheds

Post by omegaowner » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:56 am

I am hoping to overturn an amendment made to our additions constitution in 1990. The particular amendment prohibits property owners for having sheds or out buildings on their property. I believe this amendment is extremely restrictive to the property owner. I also believe that restrictions placed on the use of an individual’s property cause more damage to the value of that property than the event of a neighbor having an eye sore on their property. But, I am not by any means promoting the ability to keep trash on an individual’s property. In recent years there have been several innovations in the shed and out-building market. These new designs to do not deteriorate, nor do they rot. Specific examples of these include plastic or vinyl sheds and sheds the butt up against an individual home.

Again, I would like you to support me in overturning this 22 year old amendment to our association’s constitution because I believe that some of the restrictions in-place do more harm to an individual’s property value than they help. Please e-mail me at with your support.

John Bireley

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