Vera Bradley Turn the Town Pink Ribbon Events 2013

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Vera Bradley Turn the Town Pink Ribbon Events 2013

Post by GalindoP » Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:37 pm

Hi! It’s Sue Miller from the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. I am inviting you to help me celebrate my 25th year of being a breast cancer survivor by helping to turn Fort Wayne more pink than ever in 2013! I am sorry to say that it will be my last year to participate in the Vera Bradley Foundation Classic, as I am moving back to Texas in the near future. I would love to "go out with a bang" by having a record breaking Turn the Town Pink 2013! Because I am in the process of selling my house here and building a house in Texas, some of the gals from our committee: Kami Bardon, Kathy Little, Maggie Nader, and Silvia Grote have graciously agreed to divide up my responsibilities. I will be around to help them with the transition, as I am going remain in Fort Wayne at least through the end of the school year (sniffle, sniffle). We are committed to keeping things organized and simple for all of you amazing women who have worked so hard to raise awareness and funds for such an important cause.

You are getting this email if you were involved or expressed an interest in last year’s Vera Bradley Foundation’s Turn the Town Pink Ribbon Events for 2012, or someone has forwarded this to you in hopes you may want to get involved. (Several of you are on more than one email group and I apologize if you are receiving this email in duplicate.) If you are on this email you were either a coordinator for your neighborhood last year or have made or hung pink ribbons, or you have expressed an interest in getting your own neighborhoods involved in this year’s Neighborhood Pink Ribbon Campaign.

We had an extremely successful 2012 Neighborhood Campaign! We raised over $45,000 in 54 neighborhoods!! That is up from $28,000 with 35 neighborhoods in 2011 and $6800 in 3 neighborhoods in 2010. And it is thanks to so many of you and all of your hard work and dedication last year in making that happen! It takes return participants who are also folding in their friends from new neighborhoods to keep this amazing trend going. We also will be able to offer online ordering this year, which will lessen the duties of the neighborhood coordinators!

We want to grow the campaign even more in 2013, and believe it or not, we need to start the process already! The first step is to gather the people who are interested in or know they want to participate in the 2013 Neighborhood Pink Ribbon Campaign. There is no need for panic as the actual sales of the ribbon kits do not take place until April-May of 2013. However, it is necessary to get commitments now from last year’s participating neighborhoods and also find new neighborhoods that would like to participate and give them the information they need. We need to do this early in order to properly prepare you with the information and materials needed for a successful campaign in your neighborhood.

The neighborhood coordinators from last year should have already been contacted by our committee to see if you want to participate again this year. If you are re-committing or considering participating for the first time this year and want more information before you commit, we will be holding informational meetings on:

Friday, February 22 at 9:00 a.m. at Kami Bardon's house at 2332 Ladue Lane, Fort Wayne, 46814
Monday, February 25 at 7:00 p.m. at Pine Valley Country Club

You do not need to commit until after you have all of the information and know what is involved. If you cannot make the above informational meetings, we will be glad to meet with you individually, just contact Kami and set up a time and place to meet you to go over the details.

Also, if you know of others who may be interested in participating, PLEASE feel free to forward this email them or please give them the following contact info our committee coordinator for Neighborhoods:

Kami Bardon
Cell: 419-346-5460

If you haven't already, please reply to Kami (or you can reply to this email and I will forward to Kami) and let us know if you are:
1. Interested, but would like more information before you commit
2. Are committed to participate
3. Are NOT interested and would like us to take you OFF the email distribution

Again, whether you are interested or not, but know of others who might be, please help us spread the word about this beautiful, rewarding campaign to raise funds for breast cancer research. We had a lot of fun with the campaign last year and saw many neighborhoods come together to display beautiful pink symbols of hope throughout Fort Wayne. PLEASE TELL A FRIEND (or two, or three!)

Thank you so much,

Sue Miller
Turn the Town Pink
Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer

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