New Year’s Eve Celebratory Gunfire is Illegal

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New Year’s Eve Celebratory Gunfire is Illegal

Post by GalindoP » Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:26 am

Celebratory gunfire or the discharge of a firearm into the air in celebration is both illegal and extremely dangerous.

Across the United States death, injury and property damage are attributed to New Year’s Eve celebratory gunfire. Bullets fired into the air usually fall back at terminal velocity, speeds much lower than those at which they leave the barrel of a firearm. Nevertheless, people can be injured, sometimes fatally, when bullets discharged into the air fall back down.
Property damage can occur as bullets often lodge in roofs, causing minor damage that requires repair in most cases. Normally, the bullet will penetrate the roof surface through to the roof deck, leaving a hole where water may run into the building and cause a leak.

“Celebrate the ringing in of the New Year, but don’t do it in a reckless and dangerous manner. Bullets don’t have eyes”, said Chief Garry Hamilton.

Charges for discharging a firearm in the city can range anywhere from a misdemeanor to a felony that can result in one being sentenced to years in prison.

Michael Joyner
Public Information Officer
Fort Wayne Police Department

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