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Share the Road and Safety Tips...

Post by GalindoP » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:07 am

The benefits of cycling in Fort Wayne:
There are many reasons to Bike Fort Wayne, but most notably,
we recognize that:
• Merchants: benefit because bicyclists are regular loyal
customers who shop locally. Bicycles require only one-tenth
the parking space of cars.
• Children: benefit from the freedom, responsibility and
independence to travel safely to school, a friend’s house;
basically everywhere.
• Residents: benefit from quieter, safer, friendlier streets.
• Bicyclists: benefit from their healthy, low-impact, inexpensive
mode of transportation.
• Motorists: benefit from reduced traffic congestion and more
parking availability. Every bike on the road is one less car.
• EVERYONE: benefits from cleaner air, reduced petroleum use,
reduced noise pollution, and reduced oil-based runoff into
our water systems.

Share The Road (STR) signs are intended to increase bicyclists’ visibility without authorizing the roadway as a “preferred
route.” They are intended for use on roadways with high levels of bicycle and motor vehicle traffic. This signage is especially useful in locations where bicyclists are riding on streets that may appear unsuitable for “preferred bicycle routes” due to
factors such as narrow lanes, high speed traffic, skill-level, and/or high traffic volumes. Motorists should proceed with caution, and try to keep three (3) feet between them and the bicyclist when passing.

The STR signs are located throughout Allen County in locations known to be popular with cyclists and cycling groups. Nevertheless, STR signs do and will continue to appear on “preferred routes” as an adjunct for safety, and to consistently remind motorists that bicycles have the lawful right to occupy the road.

Safety Tips:
1. Follow the rules of the road; you have rights and responsibilities!
2. ALWAYS wear a helmet. Wear light, brightly colored clothing.
3. ALWAYS ride WITH traffic! Ride in a straight line, single file or no more than two abreast.
4. Be predictable. Don’t weave in front of other riders or cars. Glance behind to ensure it’s safe to change lane positions.
5.Check your equipment: inflate tires properly, and check your brakes and lights.
6. Never assume a motorist can see you. If possible, make eye contact with drivers at intersections and other points of
potential conflict.

For more information:
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