By bringing together a group of passionate and committed leaders, the initiative will engage, educate, and empower black men and boys, in an effort to make positive change one individual at a time.

Fort Wayne UNITED Director // Iric Headley, City of Fort Wayne

Chairman // Joe Jordan, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Judge Daniel Heath ACJC | Judge Wendy Davis, Allen County Superior Court

Derrick Westfield, Deputy Chief, Southeast Quadrant  | Dennis Rohrs, Fort Wayne Metals

James Burg, IPFW | Christopher Guerin, Sweetwater 

David Nicole, Headwinds Consulting | Pastor Luther Whitfield, New Covenant

Faye Williams Robbins, FWCS |  Tamyra Kelly, EACS 

Orlando Smith, Emerging Leader | Mike Armstrong, Emerging Leader

Marlon Wardlow, Parkview Health | Mitch Sheppard, Parks & Recreation 

Marty Pastura, YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne | Karl Einolf, Indiana Tech