The City of Fort Wayne Neighborhood Planning and Activation Team are working with the following neighborhoods to complete neighborhood plans. If your neighborhood is interested in completing a neighborhood plan, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Neighborhood Plans In Progress

  Packard Neighborhood Plan 2030 Website Cover


The Packard Area consists of 18 historic and vibrant neighborhoods located directly south and west of Downtown Fort Wayne. The Packard Area Planning Alliance is in the process of completing a new neighborhood plan reflecting expanded boundaries and modern planning practices.

Previously Completed and Adopted Neighborhood Plans

   Southeast Area Strategy copy


The Southeast Strategy Update is a comprehensive sub-area plan focused on reinvesting in Fort Wayne's southeast quadrant of the City.The Plan provides strategies for investing in commercial and housing growth, building community, and improving quality of life. 

     Northside Update copy


The Northside Neighborhood Association updated its original 2007 neighborhood Plan in the summer of 2015. Located directly north and east of Downtown Fort Wayne, the Northside Neighborhood remains one of the largest in the City.

Nebraska Plan copy


Situated directly west of Downtown Fort Wayne and the St. Mary's River, the Nebraska Neighborhood completed its plan in 2010. The Plan provides a guide for future growth and development in and for the Nebraska Neighborhood. 


 Memorial Park Plan copy

The Memorial Park Neighborhood is a historic gateway into Fort Wayne from the east (New Haven). The neighborhood Plan was completed in 2008 and focuses on improvement recommendations to the neighborhood surrounding the park.
   Bloomingdale Spy Run Plan copy

Located north and west of Downtown Fort Wayne, the Bloomingdale and Spy Run neighborhoods were developed around the early 20th century. Completed in 2005, the Bloomingdale and Spy Run Neighborhood Plan provides guidance on future growth and development.   
 East Central Plan copy

The East Central Neighborhood shares the eastern border of Downtown Fort Wayne and includes significant social, cultural, and community institutions such as Indiana Tech. The neighborhood Plan was completed in 2005 and works to improve opportunities in the immediate area for residents and businesses.     
   West Central Plan copy

Fort Wayne's oldest neighborhood, West Central shares the western border of Downtown Fort Wayne and was developed as a residential area as early as the 1830s. The neighborhood Plan completed in 2003 includes housing and historic preservation as central topics.