December 12, 2016 - This afternoon, Mayor Tom Henry and the Division of Public Works celebrated the 2016 construction season that saw $25 million invested in neighborhoods throughout the City of Fort Wayne. Nearly 500 projects in more than 140 neighborhoods saw improvements to streets, sidewalks, new trails, ADA ramps, lighting and street landscaping. 

Projects ranged from arterial street improvements including the realignment, streetscape and safety improvements on Maumee Avenue, the addition of trails, new lighting and street reconstruction of McKinnie Avenue, and the resurfacing Stellhorn Road and North Clinton Street. 

Major improvements including streets, sidewalks and ADA ramps were made in the neighborhoods of Eagle Lake, Eagle Creek, Arlington Park, Hoevelwood, Hickory Grove, Casselwood Terrace, Tower Heights and Village Green. Trails were completed this year on Hanna Street, Liberty Mills Road and Covington Road.

“The continuation of our commitment to neighborhood street, road, and sidewalk improvements is having a lasting impact,” said Mayor Henry. “The infrastructure enhancements we’re making positions our community as a leader in economic development opportunities, job growth, stronger neighborhoods, increased property values and quality of life amenities that make Fort Wayne a point of destination.”

2016 highlights:
9 Miles of Concrete Street Repair
54 Miles of Resurfacing
47,000 Feet of Sidewalk Repair
400 New ADA Ramps

"Whether you walk, bike or drive, the men and women of Public Works keep  you moving. We invest in neighborhoods in a way that strengthens them,” said Bob Kennedy, Director of the Division of Public Works.

In the past three years, Mayor Henry has committed more than $75 million in neighborhood Public Works enhancements. Similar improvements will be made in 2017 and while several locations are still being evaluated.

Plans for 2017
Street Improvements:
Coldwater Road – Washington Center Road to Coliseum Boulevard
Hobson Road Phase I – State to Coliseum boulevards
North Anthony Boulevard – Crescent Avenue to Coliseum Boulevard
Arlington Park Phase II neighborhood improvements
Pine Valley Phase II neighborhood improvements
Lima Valley neighborhood improvements
Memorial Way
Pointe Inverness Way
Fairfield Avenue Streetscape – Jefferson Boulevard to Main Street
Maplecrest Road Median Improvements – Rothman Road to I-469
State Boulevard  Realignment Phase I – Spy Run Avenue to Clinton Street
Dupont Road– Lima to Coldwater roads

Hanna Street: Burns Boulevard to U.S. 27
Hanna Street: Pontiac Street to Rudisill Boulevard
Pufferbelly Trail:  State Boulevard to Fernhill Avenue and Franke Park 
Bluffton Road Trail and Sidewalk Project
St Joe Center Road Sidewalk - Completing connections from Maplecrest to Reed roads
Pemberton Levee Trail
Southtown Centre Trail, Phase 2
St Joe Center Road Trail from Meijer Drive to Chiswell Run