May 24, 2017 - Heavy rains are causing flash flooding on streets throughout the City tonight.  City crews are operating pumps to alleviate street flooding and protect residents.   Ten pumps are operating in low-lying areas prone to flooding.

Crews began working on flood issues late this afternoon and additional city crews were called in at around 5:30 this evening. They will work through the night to clear drains and respond to flooded areas.  

If residents can safely clear debris that is clogging street drains by using a tool like a rake or shovel, they may want to do so to protect their neighborhoods from street flooding and sewer back-ups.

Motorists should not attempt to drive through water that is across the road.  

If residents have home flooding they should call 311 and listen to the prompts to reach sewer maintenance. If there is an emergency such as downed power lines or medical issues residents should call 911.