December 14, 2017 - Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is urging drivers to share the road with horse carriages during the busy weeks leading up to the holidays.

Drivers are asked to use caution when approaching a horse-drawn carriage. Even the most road-safe horse can be spooked by a fast-moving vehicle. If you must pass a carriage, do so slowly and when safe and legal. Never pass a carriage too closely. When stopped behind a carriage at a light leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the carriage. Once stopped, a carriage can shift forward or backward a few feet while waiting for the light to change. A good rule of thumb is to stop far enough back so you can see the entire back wheels of the carriage.

All horse carriages operating in downtown Fort Wayne receive permits and inspections from Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control in order to operate. Carriages must adhere to the state’s slow moving vehicle laws. All have required lights and signage to ensure safety during travel.