February 21, 2018 - City crews are continuing to monitor river levels and surface flooding.

As river levels continue to rise, it is possible that roadways and intersections near local waterway may become covered with water. Motorists should not attempt to go through high water. If motorists come upon high water they should turn around and find an alternate route. 

Over the past two days City Utilities crews placed 12 pumps to protect neighborhoods in areas prone to street flooding in the past. 

  • Hartman Road (pumping)
  • Wheaton Drive (Harris Elementary School) (pumping)
  • Vesey Park (pumping)
  • Hemlock and Knightsway (pumping)
  • Gardendale/Decatur Road (pumping)
  • Science Central (pumping)
  • Beadell Street (placed)
  • Tillman Road/Calhoun Street (placed)
  • Barr Street (at the river) (placed)
  • Belle Vista Boulevard/Corvalis Avenue (placed)
  • Fernwood Avenue/Dalevue Drive (placed)
  • Old Mill Road/W. Fairfax Avenue (placed)

At this time, we have had no reports of water entering homes or buildings. 

To aid residents who are concerned about water rising on their property, the Street Department has placed sand and empty bags at two locations in areas prone to flooding.

Residents must bring their own shovel and fill the bags. Sand is available at the following locations:

  • Ash Centre – World Baseball Academy parking lot at 1701 Freeman St.
  • Southwest Conservation Club at 5703 Bluffton Rd.

City Utilities reminds residents to check stormwater drains and keep them clear of trash, leaves and other debris. The drains need to be clear so rain can leave neighborhood streets.