June 29, 2019 - The 63rd basic recruit class of the Fort Wayne Police Department consisting of 21 recruits have graduated and become fully commissioned officers.

Police Chief Steve Reed stated, “As Chief of Police, I am committed to ensuring that the City of Fort Wayne continues to have the best possible police officers to serve our City, and these new officers are representation of that commitment. Two of our recruits are of Burmese decent, a first for the department, that will help to ensure that our very diverse community is properly served.”

The class is made up of:



“Congratulations to the newest members of the Fort Wayne Police Department. These men and women have demonstrated a commitment to providing excellent public safety services for our City,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Additional personnel for the FWPD demonstrates our desire to be the safest community possible for residents, neighborhoods and businesses. I’m proud of the work our officers perform each day as they serve and protect all of us.”

The department is budgeted to a staff of 466 officers. With this recruit class, staffing levels will be at or near 473 officers who will allow for the backfill of known and future retirements.