March 29, 2019 - Mayor Tom Henry, Fire Chief Eric Lahey and members of the Fort Wayne Fire Department today announced the addition of a new Technical Rescue Truck to the Department’s fleet.

Following longtime fire department tradition from days of horse-drawn engines, the new truck was blessed, then welcomed by pushing it into its new quarters, located at Fire Station 10, 3122 N. Anthony Blvd. The push-in ritual can be traced back to the late 1800s when it was a challenge to get horses to push equipment backwards. As a result, firefighters moved the equipment into storage areas by hand.

The Technical Rescue Team, which will utilize the new truck, responds to a wide variety of emergencies including trench collapse, building collapse, high angle rescue and confined space rescue. Although the Technical Rescue Team responds out of Station 10, team members work in firehouses all over Fort Wayne. 

The new truck was custom built by Ferrara Fire Apparatus, located in Holden, Louisiana. It was driven to Fort Wayne last month. Since the truck’s arrival, firefighters have been working diligently to securely mount the numerous pieces of equipment and tools that the truck was designed to hold. 

“During the building process, our firefighters, engineers, and mechanics traveled to Louisiana to inspect the building process,” said Chief Lahey. “The group of inspectors found every step of the process to be first rate and they are extremely impressed with the finished product, as well as the professionalism of Ferrara Fire Apparatus and their staff.”

“I continue to be impressed by the efforts of the Fort Wayne Fire Department,” said Mayor Henry. “We’ve made positive strides with equipment upgrades, new technology, and additional training. We’re fortunate to have outstanding firefighters who are committed to serving and protecting residents, neighborhoods, and businesses.”