April 12, 2019 - Additional testing performed on the water in the three areas under the precautionary boil advisory shows good results for the chlorine residuals in the water.  Chlorine residual testing is just one aspect of the multiple tests done by the treatment plant, but all water testing results indicate that normal treatment processes continue to be effective even after a vehicle struck a high-voltage power line creating a power surge at the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant last night.  City Utilities is continuing to work with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and testing will continue at a minimum through early Saturday morning.

While under the precautionary boil advisory, residents should use bottled water or boiled water, that’s been cooled for drinking, food preparation, making ice or brushing teeth. 


  • North Boundary:  Washington Center Rd
  • West Boundary: Hillegas Rd
  • South Boundary: West State Blvd.: Hillegas to Sherman, Vance (extended): Sherman to Parnell
  • East Boundary:  Parnell Ave


  • North Boundary:  Pontiac St
  • West Boundary: Fairfield Ave
  • South Boundary: Paulding Rd
  • East Boundary:  Hessen Cassell


  • North Boundary:  Airport Expressway
  • West Boundary: Smith Rd
  • South Boundary: Ferguson Rd
  • East Boundary:  Airport Drive