April 13, 2019 - Tests on drinking water completed this morning show that the water is free from any contamination and is safe. Therefore, Fort Wayne City Utilities and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) ended the precautionary boil water advisory effective immediately. All residents may now use water from the tap for drinking and cooking with no further need for precautions.

Yesterday, as a precaution, City Utilities advised residents to boil water used for drinking or cooking after a vehicle struck a high-voltage power line creating a power surge at the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant. All testing performed throughout the day, yesterday, showed the water to be well within safe parameters as did the final testing confirmed by IDEM this morning. 

City Utilities apologizes for any inconvenience the boil advisory may have caused for its customers. However, City Utilities is committed to protecting public health and safety, and we believe it was appropriate to issue the precautionary advisory. We appreciate the patience of our customers during the boil advisory.