April 17, 2019 - Mayor Tom Henry and Police Chief Steve Reed today announced reductions in several areas including homicides, shootings, violent crimes, and property crimes as part of the Fort Wayne Police Department’s statistics for the first quarter of 2019 (January 1-March 31) as compared to data from the first quarter of 2018.

*Homicides are down 55.56 percent
*Shootings are down 28.57 percent
*Violent crimes are down 12.81 percent
*Property crimes are down 4.99 percent
*Drug overdoses are down 7.17 percent
*Arrests for possession of a handgun without a license are up 65.38 percent

Highlights of ongoing FWPD efforts in 2019:  
*The 64th recruit class is underway and 20th lateral class will start later this year
*Adding resources to the Homicide Unit to address violent crimes
*Adding resources to the Vice & Narcotics Division to address drug issues
*Vice & Narcotics Division Commanders are increasing their focus on known violent offenders
*Quadrant Commanders are engaged in joint enforcement efforts with other agencies to address issues in high crime areas
*Increasing the number of bike patrol officers downtown

“Our proactive public safety efforts are making a difference. The reduction in crime in several key areas is encouraging and helps validate that we do live in a safe city,” said Mayor Henry. “The safety of our residents, neighborhoods, and businesses continues to be at the forefront of my administration.”

“I’m encouraged by the progress we’re making to reduce crime in our community,” said Chief Reed. “The men and women of the Fort Wayne Police Department are committed to serving and protecting and providing excellent public safety services. Their collective dedication is making a meaningful difference.”