July 29, 2019 - Mayor Tom Henry and Police Chief Steve Reed today announced reductions in several areas including homicides, shootings, and violent crimes as part of the Fort Wayne Police Department’s statistics for the first half of 2019 (January 1-June 30) as compared to data from the first half of 2018.

*Homicides are down 47.83 percent
*Non-fatal shootings are down 17.31 percent
*Violent crimes are down 0.59 percent
*Arrests for possession of a handgun without a license are up 21.74 percent
*Drug overdoses are down 33.58 percent
*Property crimes are up 1.94 percent

“Public safety is a top priority. By working together, the FWPD, residents, neighborhoods, and businesses are collectively making a positive impact to help ensure Fort Wayne is the safest city possible,” said Mayor Henry.

Update on FWPD efforts:  
*The 20 individuals of the 64th recruit class graduated last month and are performing patrols with their field training officers

*Nine lateral officers have finished their entry training and have begun field training

*Several children in grades 5-8 completed a summer camp earlier this month led by the Fort Wayne Police Department

*Homicide Unit continues to address violent crimes

*Vice & Narcotics Division continues to address drug issues, and Vice & Narcotics Division Commanders continue proactive efforts focused on known violent offenders

*Quadrant Commanders continue proactive joint enforcement efforts with other agencies to address issues in high crime areas

“Our officers are committed to providing the best public safety services possible. I’m proud of their efforts. We believe our proactive and innovative approaches to law enforcement and open communication with the public are making a positive difference,” said Chief Reed.