December 13, 2019 - The second and final pass for leaf collection in northern neighborhoods begins tomorrow, December 14.  Working a second Saturday in a row, will see crews wrapping-up south and starting in neighborhoods in the north part of the City.

The second collection in northern neighborhoods is expected to last through most of next week.  When they are completed, crews will move to the central neighborhoods. 

Residents can set their schedule by placing biodegradable bags and calling 311 to schedule a pick-up.

The bags should be at the curb, and collection will be within two business days of the call to 311.

Residents are encouraged to visit the webpage, for daily updates showing the neighborhoods they will be in each day. The webpage, along with a leaf phone line at 427-2603, is updated by 3:00 p.m. 

Collection Guidelines

  • Rake leaves to the park strip by 7 a.m. on the first day of the week when crews will be in your area.
  • Don’t put leaves in your garbage or recycling cart. It is against the State of Indiana law.
  • Don’t burn leaves. It’s a violation of City Code and can result in a fine.
  • Don’t place leaves in the street.
  • Don’t mix other yard waste with leaves.
  • Don’t put leaves in or over storm drains or in the ditch.

For safety, and to assist motorists, parents should remind children to not play in leaf piles near the street