December 17, 2019 - Today, Mayor Tom Henry joined residents and City Utilities’ staff members to celebrate 2019 accomplishments and announce for the second year in a row investments of more than $100 million in utility improvement projects.

“It’s crucial that we provide the public with reliable and affordable water, sewer and stormwater services,” said Mayor Henry. “Through proactive projects and initiatives, City Utilities has positioned us to meet the current and future needs of our community. By working together with neighborhoods and City Council, we’re seeing progress and making a meaningful difference for individuals, families and businesses.”

“Underground infrastructure is the foundation of great cities and neighborhoods. Reliable sewer and water services strengthen neighborhoods and support a growing economy and we must continue to invest not only for today but for future generations,” said Kumar Menon, Director of City Utilities.

Construction of more than 13 miles of water main in the neighborhoods of Summerfield, Crestwood Colony, Eastside and along Ardmore Avenue and North Clinton Street began in 2019. Significant stormwater improvements were implemented in the neighborhoods of Maplewood Park, Aboite Meadows, Pine Valley, North Franke Park, South Waynedale and Stone Lake. And sewer work, led by MamaJo’s digging of the deep rock tunnel, reached nearly a mile, with system upgrades and capacity improvements occurring throughout the sewer system.

Protecting neighborhoods and improving the reliability of underground infrastructure will be front and center once again in 2020. More than 90 neighborhood projects and an investment of more than $100 million will move forward, including continued work on the deep rock tunnel, more sewer capacity upgrades and consolidation sewers on Superior and Coombs streets. Major stormwater projects will take place in 2020 in the neighborhoods of Brookside, Parkerdale, Vesey/Quimby Village Phase l, Hessen Cassel, and Limberlost. Water main replacement work will continue in the neighborhoods of Hamilton Association, Wildwood Park Phase l, Historic Southwood Park, Frances Slocum, and Taylor Street.

“While construction work can be disruptive, I know neighborhoods are glad to see the improvements. In the Crestwood Colony neighborhood, where we will replace more than four miles of water main, the new pipes replace ones that experienced more than 130 breaks in the past ten years. The work we are doing in neighborhoods with main replacement and stormwater protection is well worth it to residents,” said Matthew Wirtz, Deputy Director of City Utilities.

City Utilities will announce a full list of projects in the spring of 2020.

Maintained by City Utilities – By the Numbers

1,415 miles of water main

1,424 miles of sewer pipe

701 miles of stormwater pipe

27,517 Sewer manholes

10,545 Stormwater manholes

21,778 Stormwater inlets