December 19, 2019 - Eighteen firefighters were welcomed to the Fort Wayne Fire Department in a graduation ceremony tonight at the Public Safety Academy.

The department’s 92nd recruit class will begin their duty as Fort Wayne firefighters at engine houses throughout the city on December 20.

The recruits participated in 20 weeks of training and will now continue their training alongside firefighters from the 18 stations that serve the City of Fort Wayne.

The following FWFD graduates were sworn in during the graduation ceremony:

Jeremy R. Biggs                     Marah M. Bradbury

Kelly R. Christen                    Kory J. Crump

Mathew T. Daily                    Justice T. Dulinsky

Brian M. Giere                       Peter D. Mapes

Kyle M. Mcconiga                 Gage J. Minniear

Trapper Mize                          J. Postel

Jacob A. Rehm                       Ryan T. Robinson

Daniel Z. Stahl                       Cameron M. Stalf

Ian M. Wilson                         Matthew J. Zion

“Congratulations to Fort Wayne’s newest firefighters. They are committed to providing excellent public safety services and are joining an outstanding group of professionals,” said Mayor Henry. “I’m proud of the Fort Wayne Fire Department and the excellent work they perform each day to keep all of us safe. We’re fortunate to live in a community that values the importance of firefighting.”