February 17, 2020 - Mayor Tom Henry and Police Chief Steve Reed today welcomed the 65th Recruit Class of the Fort Wayne Police Department. Today marked the first day of training for the new recruits.

The class is comprised of 22 individuals. There are 18 males and four females. There are 15 Caucasian males, one African American male, one Asian male, one Hispanic male, three Caucasian females, and one African American female.

The senior squad leader is Yoel Sanchez Rodriguez.

Squad 1 includes Jack Dugan, Austin Dunakin (squad leader), Nathan Durham, Aaron Ellenberger, Blake Filler, and Katrina George.

Squad 2 includes Branden Hayden, Brock Ingram, Joel Leonhardt, Allison Massey, and Nicholas McCurdy (squad leader).

Squad 3 includes John McKenna, Matthew Pierr, Morgan Poeppel, Ryan Preston, and Jacob Sherman (squad leader).

Squad 4 includes Wyatt Short, Adam Shotzman, Jessica VanWagner, Roderick Waters, and Daniel Webb (squad leader).