February 26, 2020 - Mayor Tom Henry today attended the first meeting of the year of the Mayor’s Opportunity Advisory Council.

The purpose of the Mayor’s Opportunity Advisory Council is to advise Mayor Henry in regard to current procurement and employment processes by providing best practice recommendations designed to continuously promote and strengthen the City’s diversity policies and procedures within the organization to effectively reflect and serve the community.

The 11 members of the Mayor’s Opportunity Advisory Council represent public, private, and low-income sectors and reflect various organizations and the ethnic composition of the city's population. Current members are:

Dr. Jesse Beasley
Cheri Becker – Council Chair
City Councilwoman Michelle Chambers – New member
Vonlaree Cheammon
Regenia Frison-Jones
Lewis King
Edmond O’Neal – Employment Subcommittee Chair
Antonette Payne
Brad Stiles
Ted Storer – Purchasing Subcommittee Chair
Fernando Zapari

More information about the Mayor’s Opportunity Advisory Council is available at https://www.cityoffortwayne.org/mayor-s-opportunity-advisory-council.html.

Variations of the Opportunity Advisory Council have been in place in the City of Fort Wayne since the Mayor Paul Helmke Administration.