December 15, 2020 - As the City of Fort Wayne completes the 2020 construction season, leaders from the Public Works Division want residents and neighborhoods to know about the importance of proper care of new concrete pavement.

It takes 30 days for concrete to cure to 90 percent of its strength and continues to cure slowly for many more years. It's important to refrain from using traditional snow and ice melt products on new concrete for a minimum of two winters and longer if possible. New concrete should not have salt or any other chemicals (chlorides) that might be considered corrosive applied to it.

Sand and other non-corrosive snow melt products can be applied. Residents are encouraged to check with retailers for approved products that can be applied to new concrete.

A curing compound is applied by contractors working on concrete sections in Fort Wayne, but sealers may be applied by property owners to improve the life expectancy of the concrete.

The City of Fort Wayne Street Department is aware of the newly constructed concrete sections in the City and will respond accordingly with sand products in those particular areas when battling snow and ice conditions.